Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ahhhh it was sooo hot today! I went out in short shorts and a 'I <3 NY' tee to meet up with my guy friend to play sand volley with him, and his two other friends.
First of all. He made me wait for 15 minutes, I DISLIKE! I dislike when you have to sit there to wait for someone on the streets, and strangers who walks past stares weirdly at you and you think : zomg get me out of here OR why can't he be here already!! That got me kinda mad. But when he came in his car, I was happy again (cause he looked funny), so that's ok. He introduced me to two of his friends/neighbours/cousins something like that in the car, and my friend said they're pro at volleyball, first reaction: uhh .___. esp for someone like me who sucks at volleyball.
When we arrived, we warmed up with doing bumps and sets, but no smash cause I'm not tall enough haha.-.- so, put the smash aside.
Then, we split into two groups, my friend and I in one group, and the two other guys in another group continuing to warm up. Later onnn, my friend's friend arrived and he reminded me a bit of prince Harry HAHA and then this girl came in her jeans to play volley:P
Anywhoooo.. Since there were 6 people, we divided ourselves into two groups of three, and I was stuck in the same group as my friend the entire time seeing as I didn't know the other people who were there:) Throughout the day I realized they're all nice peopleee, but I didn't say much cause again, I don't know them, but they're nice :)
Around 4pm ish, these five other guys and a girl came and asked to play with us 'friendly match',, so we did, but I think we won most of the matches haha. Afterrrr we played three on three, three people from our team vs three people from their team. It's funny how full they were of themselves or tried to act funny on the court..
We left around 4-5pm ish (more towards 5pm), my friend got everyone in the car and this girl had to sit on the 'prince Harry's' lap cause there weren't enough seats, and nobody was willing to take middle seat on the back so I said I could haha:P Childish people, fighting over seats;P My friend dropped off the girl near her house, then he dropped me off in front of this supermarket which I live nearby.
I am so freaking jealous! My friend and the guys (I think) barbecued (is that even a word?) after he dropped me off. (I'm not even sure if the sentence makes sense)........ -.-"

I suck at volleyball, but I love it anyways because it's so fun. I got a bruise on my left arm haha:D  and I got tanner. yayyy :)

No pictures taken by myself, *lazy lazy*
Creds to Google :)

Strawberries & Sand volley & Sun = 


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  3. Aw volleyball! I miss playing volleyball. Only another two terms and I'll be playing LOL

  4. UWIII! <3 Sounds like...okay! :D
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