Monday, June 27, 2011

Trembles. Questions. Speechless. Laughter ?

Have you ever experienced a time,
- when you're completely zoned out for a certain reason;
- you could not possibly describe the way your heart feels. it quivers. it hurts, yet it doesn't. undefined.
- you would normally only take 8 minutes to walk home, but this time, you took 15 minutes instead? you drag your feet across the ground pavement, look up at the heavy stratus clouds which slides slowly across the bright sky and think: what is this?
- your biggest fear of spiders disappear, because you're so concerned about another thing.
- you take your usual route back home, because the dark, quiet and narrow street which is filled with mentally and physically handicapped people during the day, doesn't scare you anymore, because... it just doesn't. nothing else seems to matter besides the issue that concerns you?
- the normal cold and strong breeze from outside turns warm?
- you're so spaced out you look at the street lamp and ask yourself nonexistent questions? i mean, questions.. which aren't questions. you stare at the lamp, ...and zone out. yeah.. not questions. in fact, no questions.
- you're afraid of sharing your thought with your beloved one, because you're afraid he would leave you?

your world, just turned grey.