Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home alone : Revision

So today, I stayed home to revise for my IGCSEs, which are coming up in about two weeks! :O
Meanwhile, my parents and little brother went to my uncle's to celebrate Easter. The kids biked during the day, and ate SUSHI (I'm so freaking jealous) later.

I ordered these revision books last week (I think) and they arrived yesterday! I had to pick them up from the post office seeing as they didn't fit in the mailbox. 
This huge pile of revision books make me not want to study.
The black ones are ca. 250 pgs each, and reddish brown one with only 100 pgs.
Sooo, I got to like.. read through 1350 pgs?! I joke, I don't think I'm bothered to read through the English revision book. I don't even know why I ordered it in the first place. 
250 pgs off the list!
Okay okay, so total of 1150 pgs then :) ....still a lot.

This is what I found in the freezer haha:)
I had to call my mom to make sure I didn't do anything wrong or stupid that would mess up my lunch.

Practiced piano for a bit since I got bored of revising:)

This is what I make when I'm home alone, my favorite food at all times, spaghetti carbonara :D Quick and easy!

The weather was beauuutiful today! I could've gone out to do something else instead, since my family was out anyways. Oh no wait, it's Easter, all the shops are closed in Norway, hurray. Therefore, I stayed in to study. Hurray again. 
These two pictures got taken from inside the kitchen window 'cause I wasn't bothered to walk out to get better/prettier pictures in my pajamas haha:)
Lazy, I know.

Overall, it was a pretty chill day at home, but kinda boring too. Left my laptop on Facebook most of the time during revising x) Oh, and of course, music.

Happy Easter 


  1. Amazing photos. I wish I lived in Norway ):

  2. I want to live in Norway too! As a fellow worshipper of spag carbonara my mouth watered a bit looking at your pic. I can't wait till the end of this year as we're going to Austria on a home exchange and we'll all get to go skiing. I'm so excited! Thank so much for stopping by my blog and your lovely words. x