Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ahhhh it was sooo hot today! I went out in short shorts and a 'I <3 NY' tee to meet up with my guy friend to play sand volley with him, and his two other friends.
First of all. He made me wait for 15 minutes, I DISLIKE! I dislike when you have to sit there to wait for someone on the streets, and strangers who walks past stares weirdly at you and you think : zomg get me out of here OR why can't he be here already!! That got me kinda mad. But when he came in his car, I was happy again (cause he looked funny), so that's ok. He introduced me to two of his friends/neighbours/cousins something like that in the car, and my friend said they're pro at volleyball, first reaction: uhh .___. esp for someone like me who sucks at volleyball.
When we arrived, we warmed up with doing bumps and sets, but no smash cause I'm not tall enough haha.-.- so, put the smash aside.
Then, we split into two groups, my friend and I in one group, and the two other guys in another group continuing to warm up. Later onnn, my friend's friend arrived and he reminded me a bit of prince Harry HAHA and then this girl came in her jeans to play volley:P
Anywhoooo.. Since there were 6 people, we divided ourselves into two groups of three, and I was stuck in the same group as my friend the entire time seeing as I didn't know the other people who were there:) Throughout the day I realized they're all nice peopleee, but I didn't say much cause again, I don't know them, but they're nice :)
Around 4pm ish, these five other guys and a girl came and asked to play with us 'friendly match',, so we did, but I think we won most of the matches haha. Afterrrr we played three on three, three people from our team vs three people from their team. It's funny how full they were of themselves or tried to act funny on the court..
We left around 4-5pm ish (more towards 5pm), my friend got everyone in the car and this girl had to sit on the 'prince Harry's' lap cause there weren't enough seats, and nobody was willing to take middle seat on the back so I said I could haha:P Childish people, fighting over seats;P My friend dropped off the girl near her house, then he dropped me off in front of this supermarket which I live nearby.
I am so freaking jealous! My friend and the guys (I think) barbecued (is that even a word?) after he dropped me off. (I'm not even sure if the sentence makes sense)........ -.-"

I suck at volleyball, but I love it anyways because it's so fun. I got a bruise on my left arm haha:D  and I got tanner. yayyy :)

No pictures taken by myself, *lazy lazy*
Creds to Google :)

Strawberries & Sand volley & Sun = 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Truck load of math and english

Jesus Christ. I have my first math exam on the 9th of May, *PANIC PANIC* and the teacher decides to give us a truck load of math, to help us prepare for the exam.
Things that drives me nuts:
  • Graphing calculator & its functions
  • Graphing in general which incl. slopes, mx + b = y and all that jazz
  • + a lot more :(
Things due tomorrow
  1. Test corrections (not done)
  2. Take home quiz (LOST IT)
  3. Math homework (no idea what it was)
  4. Past paper 4 (most of it done)
  5. Past paper 6 (LOST IT)
I feel great. Hopefully it's just gonna be a chill class like tuesday, OR we get a sub. I would love to get a sub just for tomorrow :(
I think I might cry. - sob sob -

Anyone who enjoys yet hate math at the same time?

Yeah. 5 English assignments, going over Much Ado About Nothing, Journey's End, Poetry and stuff.


My day has been soooo boring. Started off with a chemistry test (which I mentioned in the last entry) and was easy peasy! But of course, after I published the post, I took notes + studied for 2 hours, and studied a bit more on the school bus. After I was done with the test, I was told to sit outside the nurse's office to wait for her, but I was so scared I dragged Tizia along with me. She said I could hold her hand, but it was more like me squeezing her hand haha, she said she'd cry before me cause I squeeze too hard :P woops! Nurse Heather came after we've waited for like 5 min, and when I stepped into her room, I could hear the needle calling my name. 'Here I am WAKAKAKA' (evil face) Needles are horrible. No words could describe my hatred and fear for needles and vaccinations.
Ah, yes. I jumped out of the chair when she went to get the needle, ran away, then came back in, and she didn't notice a thing. :)
- breathe in breathe out, breathe in breathe out - Nurse Heather told me to think of nice things, so I did. Meanwhile, Tizia held my hand and said I could squeeze hers as hard as I could, but apparently what I had on my mind was too nice I forgot to squeeze her hand? lols x) BUTTT I felt the cold needle jab through my skin, into my flesh, and yuck. At least I got it over with. And no side effects 'cause I've had the vaccination before (?) don't remember getting it.
This stupid vaccination caused me to miss 15 min of math class, meh, that's okay, we were only doing past papers anyways, chill class :-)
Mmmm, english in third block.. Man, english is the worst subject ever. The class seems longer than it is!
- lunch -
And thennnnn aerobics at the end of the day! We did yoga today, my favorite; but I kept on yawning I'm sure my teacher wasn't too happy with that haha. When we had a mini break, I walked out to get some fresh air, and that was right after the blåruss egged some of the ISS people who were on the football field haha:D (smelled like manure) So happy we didn't do the yoga/sun salutation outside today!^^
Soooo I got home at 4 pm, was not motivated to do anything, so I sat there watching cartoon with my little brother haha (though I'm supposed to be studying for my IGCSEs -.-''). When my mom headed out with Edward, I was left home aloneeee, so I played piano for 2 hours:D Chill max. After? Back to TV. Then dinner. Then Facebook haha. I got so much to do it's not even funny .___. 3 english assignments and math past paper, ufff !! *note that I'm still not motivated to do any work*

I mentioned something about RUSS a bit above, let me explain what Russ is. Actually no, that'd take me days to explain. Go to wiki :)
=> <=
If you've checked out Wikipedia and still don't get what Russ is, comment below and I will explain :) But forgive me if I do not write in well formulated paragraphs and my excitement over Russ haha. xP

Weee! My brother is still in England due to his IB course thingy, but he gets back tomorrow night. Since he's a Russ this year, and is currently not present in the house, I asked him if I could draw on his pants and he said yes! :D :D :D :D
as long as I : IKKJE FUCK UP
which means, don't fuck up. Pftttt me? Never ;P
Stephen painted these.. :
 Hahaha I lol'd at Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee are cup noodles in Norway. Mr. Lee on Mr. Li's pants:p
Herro Kitty! Charlotte's ideas. hahaa

The ones I sketched today.. (a few hours ago):

Shades. Was gonna write:
But didn't... no, not yet ;) In case Stephen Ri doesn't like 'em.

Because he let me doodle.
Popcorn is on the list just cause it was easy to draw:D totally matches his childish personality at times :-)


Because all Asians should know who Shin Chan is :'D
If you don't, you should be ashamed of yourself! :O

Shin Chan in cantooo. Pretty sure my parents were impressed (sarcasm)

Because I grew up with Pac Man :')

What else is on the list? 
To be honest, tons! There's a lot more which I wanna draw, but I'm not sure if he'd like them or not, seeing as he's a guy and we have very different tastes. But you knoww, I drew those in pencil, so all he gotta do is grab an eraser and -erase erase erase- if he doesn't like 'em! 
  1. Totoro ! <-- MEGA LIKE:D
  2. Colorful bubbles
  3. Walking beer bottles, but it's inappropriate for school >:( maybe I should draw root beer instead then;) I mean, root beer is not beer? :)
  4. So on and so forth.
These are just a few more things I'd like to add on his pants (listed above), but if they were mine (which I would receive in 2 years) I would make mine so much more better haha :)
Ain't gonna list them, sorry ;)
Goodnight xxx

p.s. note that this note was supposed to be published on tuesday, but I took too long to type this entry ;P

Monday, April 25, 2011

School tomorrow . . .

Yeah.. the title says it all. School tomorrow, urgh. Nothing special happened today. I biked to work at 14:00, and got off at 19:00.
Oh and yes, a few days ago, my friend asked if I studied at all for the past days, and I said, "Psht hell yeah, otherwise I'm gonna fail my exams! And then Asian mama and papa won't be too happy and would most likely  throw me out of the house!" "Erm no.. I meant the chemistry test." Oh right. We have a chemistry test first day after the break, of course.. -looks for chem book and notes-
Smart Asian, right?
So. I have my test tomorrow, and I left my stuff at school, so far so BAD. And my new revision books don't really explain how dyes and fertilizers work. I feel great.
I believe I can fly.

Nahhhh after I panicked for days and days I finally nagged my dear friend, Tizia, to send me some of her notes today. Which she did. Hope I'll pass my test tomorrow! :S

Help .___.''

I refuse to wake up in 7 hours.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life goes on

Today, I was supposed to be doing some revision. You heard me, revision. More revision. But I got bored after a several minutes, could not concentrate at all! :@ Therefore I decided to experiment with the Canon 450D rest of the time :)<3
I came across this girl's blog, and in her most recent entry, it was about her grandfather's death. At that very moment, I thought of my friend, who died earlier on in January. I thought I was over his death already, but I wasn't. I do miss him, but I don't cry no more; 'cause when I do feel like crying, I think:

We didn't lose a person, we gained an angel.
Missing you, my friend x

Deformed bread hearts <3

 I am quite amazed at what technology can do nowadays.
Cameras, and internet
Mom left me 4 slices of home made swiss roll before the family ditched me today! Ate 2, then realized maybe I should take a picture of the rolls before I ate the rest. NOM NOM NOM. x)

The sunset was beautiful tonight, but looked better in real life though :/


Friday, April 22, 2011


Instead of locking myself up in the house and face a pile of revision books for hours and hours, I decided to join my family to ski in Tjørhomfjellet (they asked me if I wanted to go earlier on of the week, but I said no 'cause I wanted to study). Tjørhom is a nice ski center located in Sirdal, and is the only ski center with big chairlifts. We left the house at around 9-10ish, and arrived at 11ish.
When we got there, it turned out that there were other a bunch of other Chinese families other than my cousin's, these two other Tang's, and Ho's HAHA. When you're at the top of the small hill, you look down, and BAM, a group of Chinese bundled up all together. I laugh.

Creds to Google.
This' a picture of the small hill at Tjørhomfjellet.

 We all thought it was gonna be chilly today (didn't check weather beforehand), but no, the weather in Sirdal turned out to be really lovely! T'was sunny and warm all along with barely any wind :D When we left at 4pm ish, it was 16 degrees Celsius, so I'm guessing it was something around 18-20 in the afternoon :) <-- I had a sudden urge to lay down and tan at that moment.
We got home at 6ish 'cause we stopped at some restaurant on our way back, but we ended up not eating anything cause there wasn't anything good on the menu :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home alone : Revision

So today, I stayed home to revise for my IGCSEs, which are coming up in about two weeks! :O
Meanwhile, my parents and little brother went to my uncle's to celebrate Easter. The kids biked during the day, and ate SUSHI (I'm so freaking jealous) later.

I ordered these revision books last week (I think) and they arrived yesterday! I had to pick them up from the post office seeing as they didn't fit in the mailbox. 
This huge pile of revision books make me not want to study.
The black ones are ca. 250 pgs each, and reddish brown one with only 100 pgs.
Sooo, I got to like.. read through 1350 pgs?! I joke, I don't think I'm bothered to read through the English revision book. I don't even know why I ordered it in the first place. 
250 pgs off the list!
Okay okay, so total of 1150 pgs then :) ....still a lot.

This is what I found in the freezer haha:)
I had to call my mom to make sure I didn't do anything wrong or stupid that would mess up my lunch.

Practiced piano for a bit since I got bored of revising:)

This is what I make when I'm home alone, my favorite food at all times, spaghetti carbonara :D Quick and easy!

The weather was beauuutiful today! I could've gone out to do something else instead, since my family was out anyways. Oh no wait, it's Easter, all the shops are closed in Norway, hurray. Therefore, I stayed in to study. Hurray again. 
These two pictures got taken from inside the kitchen window 'cause I wasn't bothered to walk out to get better/prettier pictures in my pajamas haha:)
Lazy, I know.

Overall, it was a pretty chill day at home, but kinda boring too. Left my laptop on Facebook most of the time during revising x) Oh, and of course, music.

Happy Easter 

The smell of spring

You know it's spring when cobwebs are building up outside your window corners, hard working little ants busy looking for food, you're surrounded by bees and flies wherever you go, the sun is shining, sky is clear, and the weather is finally getting warmer, warm enough to go to the beach with tees and shorts.

Sola beach with Tizia :)

Hallelujah, it's spring