Monday, April 25, 2011

School tomorrow . . .

Yeah.. the title says it all. School tomorrow, urgh. Nothing special happened today. I biked to work at 14:00, and got off at 19:00.
Oh and yes, a few days ago, my friend asked if I studied at all for the past days, and I said, "Psht hell yeah, otherwise I'm gonna fail my exams! And then Asian mama and papa won't be too happy and would most likely  throw me out of the house!" "Erm no.. I meant the chemistry test." Oh right. We have a chemistry test first day after the break, of course.. -looks for chem book and notes-
Smart Asian, right?
So. I have my test tomorrow, and I left my stuff at school, so far so BAD. And my new revision books don't really explain how dyes and fertilizers work. I feel great.
I believe I can fly.

Nahhhh after I panicked for days and days I finally nagged my dear friend, Tizia, to send me some of her notes today. Which she did. Hope I'll pass my test tomorrow! :S

Help .___.''

I refuse to wake up in 7 hours.

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