Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life goes on

Today, I was supposed to be doing some revision. You heard me, revision. More revision. But I got bored after a several minutes, could not concentrate at all! :@ Therefore I decided to experiment with the Canon 450D rest of the time :)<3
I came across this girl's blog, and in her most recent entry, it was about her grandfather's death. At that very moment, I thought of my friend, who died earlier on in January. I thought I was over his death already, but I wasn't. I do miss him, but I don't cry no more; 'cause when I do feel like crying, I think:

We didn't lose a person, we gained an angel.
Missing you, my friend x

Deformed bread hearts <3

 I am quite amazed at what technology can do nowadays.
Cameras, and internet
Mom left me 4 slices of home made swiss roll before the family ditched me today! Ate 2, then realized maybe I should take a picture of the rolls before I ate the rest. NOM NOM NOM. x)

The sunset was beautiful tonight, but looked better in real life though :/



  1. Hi, its always so sad loosing someone but take care.I love that picture of sunlight looks so romantic, thanks for dropping by my blog^^.

  2. wow homemade swiss roll, yum! i've only had that bought from bakery :)

  3. :hug:
    But that swiss roll does look deliciously nommable!
    And that photo of you is so very gorgeous! <3 *makes of bread*