Friday, April 22, 2011


Instead of locking myself up in the house and face a pile of revision books for hours and hours, I decided to join my family to ski in Tjørhomfjellet (they asked me if I wanted to go earlier on of the week, but I said no 'cause I wanted to study). Tjørhom is a nice ski center located in Sirdal, and is the only ski center with big chairlifts. We left the house at around 9-10ish, and arrived at 11ish.
When we got there, it turned out that there were other a bunch of other Chinese families other than my cousin's, these two other Tang's, and Ho's HAHA. When you're at the top of the small hill, you look down, and BAM, a group of Chinese bundled up all together. I laugh.

Creds to Google.
This' a picture of the small hill at Tjørhomfjellet.

 We all thought it was gonna be chilly today (didn't check weather beforehand), but no, the weather in Sirdal turned out to be really lovely! T'was sunny and warm all along with barely any wind :D When we left at 4pm ish, it was 16 degrees Celsius, so I'm guessing it was something around 18-20 in the afternoon :) <-- I had a sudden urge to lay down and tan at that moment.
We got home at 6ish 'cause we stopped at some restaurant on our way back, but we ended up not eating anything cause there wasn't anything good on the menu :)

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