Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Truck load of math and english

Jesus Christ. I have my first math exam on the 9th of May, *PANIC PANIC* and the teacher decides to give us a truck load of math, to help us prepare for the exam.
Things that drives me nuts:
  • Graphing calculator & its functions
  • Graphing in general which incl. slopes, mx + b = y and all that jazz
  • + a lot more :(
Things due tomorrow
  1. Test corrections (not done)
  2. Take home quiz (LOST IT)
  3. Math homework (no idea what it was)
  4. Past paper 4 (most of it done)
  5. Past paper 6 (LOST IT)
I feel great. Hopefully it's just gonna be a chill class like tuesday, OR we get a sub. I would love to get a sub just for tomorrow :(
I think I might cry. - sob sob -

Anyone who enjoys yet hate math at the same time?

Yeah. 5 English assignments, going over Much Ado About Nothing, Journey's End, Poetry and stuff.


  1. Ha I feel your pain. I'm a grad student taking 18 credits/semester. Good luck with your exam!!

  2. I HATE maths. Always have and always will. Hope it went well!