Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My day has been soooo boring. Started off with a chemistry test (which I mentioned in the last entry) and was easy peasy! But of course, after I published the post, I took notes + studied for 2 hours, and studied a bit more on the school bus. After I was done with the test, I was told to sit outside the nurse's office to wait for her, but I was so scared I dragged Tizia along with me. She said I could hold her hand, but it was more like me squeezing her hand haha, she said she'd cry before me cause I squeeze too hard :P woops! Nurse Heather came after we've waited for like 5 min, and when I stepped into her room, I could hear the needle calling my name. 'Here I am WAKAKAKA' (evil face) Needles are horrible. No words could describe my hatred and fear for needles and vaccinations.
Ah, yes. I jumped out of the chair when she went to get the needle, ran away, then came back in, and she didn't notice a thing. :)
- breathe in breathe out, breathe in breathe out - Nurse Heather told me to think of nice things, so I did. Meanwhile, Tizia held my hand and said I could squeeze hers as hard as I could, but apparently what I had on my mind was too nice I forgot to squeeze her hand? lols x) BUTTT I felt the cold needle jab through my skin, into my flesh, and yuck. At least I got it over with. And no side effects 'cause I've had the vaccination before (?) don't remember getting it.
This stupid vaccination caused me to miss 15 min of math class, meh, that's okay, we were only doing past papers anyways, chill class :-)
Mmmm, english in third block.. Man, english is the worst subject ever. The class seems longer than it is!
- lunch -
And thennnnn aerobics at the end of the day! We did yoga today, my favorite; but I kept on yawning I'm sure my teacher wasn't too happy with that haha. When we had a mini break, I walked out to get some fresh air, and that was right after the blåruss egged some of the ISS people who were on the football field haha:D (smelled like manure) So happy we didn't do the yoga/sun salutation outside today!^^
Soooo I got home at 4 pm, was not motivated to do anything, so I sat there watching cartoon with my little brother haha (though I'm supposed to be studying for my IGCSEs -.-''). When my mom headed out with Edward, I was left home aloneeee, so I played piano for 2 hours:D Chill max. After? Back to TV. Then dinner. Then Facebook haha. I got so much to do it's not even funny .___. 3 english assignments and math past paper, ufff !! *note that I'm still not motivated to do any work*

I mentioned something about RUSS a bit above, let me explain what Russ is. Actually no, that'd take me days to explain. Go to wiki :)
=> <=
If you've checked out Wikipedia and still don't get what Russ is, comment below and I will explain :) But forgive me if I do not write in well formulated paragraphs and my excitement over Russ haha. xP

Weee! My brother is still in England due to his IB course thingy, but he gets back tomorrow night. Since he's a Russ this year, and is currently not present in the house, I asked him if I could draw on his pants and he said yes! :D :D :D :D
as long as I : IKKJE FUCK UP
which means, don't fuck up. Pftttt me? Never ;P
Stephen painted these.. :
 Hahaha I lol'd at Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee are cup noodles in Norway. Mr. Lee on Mr. Li's pants:p
Herro Kitty! Charlotte's ideas. hahaa

The ones I sketched today.. (a few hours ago):

Shades. Was gonna write:
But didn't... no, not yet ;) In case Stephen Ri doesn't like 'em.

Because he let me doodle.
Popcorn is on the list just cause it was easy to draw:D totally matches his childish personality at times :-)


Because all Asians should know who Shin Chan is :'D
If you don't, you should be ashamed of yourself! :O

Shin Chan in cantooo. Pretty sure my parents were impressed (sarcasm)

Because I grew up with Pac Man :')

What else is on the list? 
To be honest, tons! There's a lot more which I wanna draw, but I'm not sure if he'd like them or not, seeing as he's a guy and we have very different tastes. But you knoww, I drew those in pencil, so all he gotta do is grab an eraser and -erase erase erase- if he doesn't like 'em! 
  1. Totoro ! <-- MEGA LIKE:D
  2. Colorful bubbles
  3. Walking beer bottles, but it's inappropriate for school >:( maybe I should draw root beer instead then;) I mean, root beer is not beer? :)
  4. So on and so forth.
These are just a few more things I'd like to add on his pants (listed above), but if they were mine (which I would receive in 2 years) I would make mine so much more better haha :)
Ain't gonna list them, sorry ;)
Goodnight xxx

p.s. note that this note was supposed to be published on tuesday, but I took too long to type this entry ;P

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