Saturday, May 07, 2011

Nervous breakdown?

Shit man, my first exam starts on monday. yes. monday. ON THE NINTH OF MAY. aka this upcoming monday. I'm scared, I really am.
Panic. Panic Panic.
My brother is off at Kongeparken with his friends for this landstreffet thing, where he gets to see LUDACRIS and MADCON and FLO RIDA. I'm so jealous :'( He came home with a glow last night, it was funny. :)
I'm not bothered to describe the whole situation with the landstreffet in details, but basically it's this Norwegian tradition to party at this amusement park for the whole weekend, and a lot of big artists are gonna be there and yahhh.

Anyways, back to math. Math exam is on Monday, startin off with paper 2, and I am soooo freaking scared that I will fail or something.. Cause my parents are expecting a lot from me :/ pressure! I hope I'll do well >.< I don't remember all the formulas and shizzle, not cool. :( AND how to use the graphics calculator correctly, fml.

Tomorrow (sunday) Imma wake up at 8 just to study for maths. yes. That's my plan.



  1. Thanks for following me. I hope your exam went well <3
    Jepp, jeg er norsk. :P Nordmenn FTW!