Monday, May 30, 2011

10 days. ♡

Stupid Norwegian hasn't gotten any better, still rainy and windy. Uff. Hope it's gonna get better when summer vacation kicks in! :( :) ..Which is on the 9th of June, 10 days time:D *countdown*
Speaking of 9th of June, there's so much happening that day. I have my final math exam which starts at 1 pm and ends at 3 pm. Piano concert at 19:00.. But I'm not sure if I'm bothered to go 'cause Stephen's graduation starts at 19:30 :/ AHHHHH *panic*
My friend, Ingrid, who moved to Texas last year is coming to Norway to visit this summer! She's gonna stay at mine for a couple of days, but unsure which dates, cause Stephen's friend's gonna stay at our place for a several days too... So gotta get that sorted before I plan anything else. :3
Oh, and another random thing, Ingrid went to Abercrombie&Fitch the other day, and on her way out, she got stopped by these people and asked if she wanted to model for them! Why can't stuff like that happen in Norway? -.- I'm so happy for her though:D and her boyfriend models for Hollister. Jesus, perfect couple much?

ANYWAYSSSSS back to my own business. *cough cough*
Things happening for the upcoming day + month
-my burfdayy:D
-2 math exams left
-school done in 10 days!
-Ingrid & Shag's visit
-Stephen's senior trip with friends (somewhere....)
-work. (.__.")
Any suggestions how I should celebrate my birthday ? :)

Ahhh I went out to Kvadrat (a mall.. apparently it's the biggest mall in Norway o.O) to return this tank top which I didn't want, stayed there for an hour or so, then headed back to Sandnes. I went into this other mall, Vågen Amfi, went into H&M, and OMFG TELESCOPIC IS ON SALE. So I got three. teehee :3
The three I bought today.. Each one was 79,50kr, x3 = 238,50kr which is.. ~ 43.9$ / 26.6£ / 30.7€.
I think it's a super deal, cause normally one would cost 179,50kr.
Do the calculations yourself :)

Left 3: bought today
Middle 3: Used up ones
Right 1: Currently using 

Gold Telescopic: Magnifies at the base of lashes + lengthens to the extreme. precision multi-comb
Telescopic Carbon Black: Extreme Lengthening Mascara + Carbon Black. Intensity Lash by Lash
Telescopic clean definition: Length + Precise Definition Mascara. High-Precision Flexible Brush
Telescopic EXPLOSION

I personally love all of them besides the explosion one,  because the ball makes my eyelashes all clumped up together, I dislike! But the other ones gives my lashes volume & length. How cool is that? I recommend these Telescopic mascaras, except they can get a bit pricey :/ That's why I usually buy a bunch when they're on sale haha :D I think the main reason why I fell straight in love with this brand is because of their flexible plastic wand. It's hard, and really does a great job at separating the lashes :)


  1. Great selection!

  2. You have quite a lot of make up, haha.
    Have a great Summer break :)

  3. Nice post.

    Wanna enter my Clinique make up kit give away?

  4. Thanks for following, following you back :)

    And I know how you feel about the weather, I waited for so long for sunny days too here in Canada.


  5. Oooh great makeup! I just tried to follow says I am but your list says I'm not...Hm... I'll check back later. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  6. so many mascaras :)
    i might check the telecospic one, hope that one is available in my country.

    thanks for following!

  7. Your comment about my food looking like puke had me and my bf laughing so hard!! I was thinking the exact same thing but I didn't want to be mean. Thanks for the laugh :)