Sunday, May 15, 2011

Write me a story

Mwahhh I haven't blogged in so long, uff.
Study leave started on the 9th of May, and had two exams done. One on the 9th, and one on the 12th. 
Bad news, I still have 10 other exams. Good news is, I will have 2 tomorrow, one on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so that means, I will have 5 down and 5 to go:D
That weekend, Imma go to a birthday party so woot woot :)
I HATE HATE HATE morning exams. urgh. -.-"

Missing a smile? I'll give you one of mine 


  1. Beautiful picture! hope your exams went well? =) i think the ikea is fun wahah! everything is so cheap XD it's very popular here and in Norway? x